Where is the pricing information?

Every job is unique.  There is no way to have a standard price for jobs due to the special requirements of each.  I tailor my bids to every project to ensure you are not paying for things you do not need and I have enough to do the job properly.

How do I get an estimate?

There are contact forms at the bottom of each page that will send an inquiry directly to me.  You can also email me at josh@jakuehlphoto.com.

Do you only do work in Colorado?

Colorado is simply my base of operation.  I am an adept traveler and can get where you need me to be.  Obviously, this will require additional expenses, but I am good at doing my best to keep costs down where I can.

Where can I see other examples of your photography?

I have another website for my personal projects and blogging.  I do show some of my work in galleries in Denver as fine art.   jakuehlphoto.com

What is the usage fee?

The usage fee is for licensing the photo to you to serve your purposes.  Mostly the desired use of the photo is discussed during the bidding process.  Usually I will discuss this with you upfront and make sure the licensing rights are clearly defined at the time of the bid.  Depending on how you plan on using these photos, this fee can vary tremendously.  I use several national databases to price these fees based on the market standard for the usage.  

How does licensing work?

The easiest way to explain it is to compare it to writing music.  When you hire me, it is the same as commissioning me to write and perform a song just for you and your use.  Using the song in any way beyond the initially agreed then per US Copyright Law the artist is entitled to royalties or additional usage fees.  If you are ever in doubt that your usage might be going outside of the original agreement, please contact me.  It is a lot easier to discuss before than after.  I am pretty easy about usage and it many cases only require a modification of the agreement and no additional cost depending on usage.

How long does it take to provide an estimate?

Most times I can get a bid out on the same day if I have all the details that I need to properly construct the bid.  If I am on assignment it may take longer but never longer than 3 business days.

Why are some images more expensive than others?

This applies mostly to the architectural imaging.  The twilight exterior shot is one that takes exponentially more time than any other image I craft.  It requires 2-3 hours on site and then an additional 2 hours in post to composite the image.  The results are amazing, but the additional work means it is more expensive than the others.

When can expect the final images after you are done with the shoot?

It depends on the size of the job.  In most cases, I can have the proofs ready within a week.  If there is a reason that this is not possible, I will proactively communicate with you.  If you have a deadline that you need to hit, please discuss that with me during the bidding phase so I can plan accordingly to assist you as best I can.

What is it like to work with you?

I take pride in being professional and planning for every outcome.  When I am in the middle of a shoot I am extremely focused, but I like to keep things light and I am quick to smile.  I like to communicate with my clients and take pictures that surpass their expectations.